• Rain Garden Pro  Biofiltration Mix

    RainGarden Pro

    Our certified RainGardenPro biofiltration soil, or bioretention soil, is engineered to provide the desired infiltration rate, support microbial life and vegetation, and provide water quality treatment to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. The...
  • Holy Cow! Potting Soil

    Holy Cow! Potting Soil

    Our Potting Mix makes gardening easy! A totally organic blend of high quality ingredients including sphagnum peat moss, worm castings, pine fines, Ecolite, and Biodiversity. This media has been meticulously designed to have the ideal ph, organic matter,...
  • Contractors Topsoil

    Contractor's Topsoil

    Our Contractors Topsoil is topsoil that is dug straight up from fertile land. This topsoil is subject to have rock and debris as it has not been sifted. This soil is perfect for a middle layer before your final top dressing.
  • Holy Cow! Survive and Thrive

    Holy Cow! Survive and Thrive

    Developed to ensure that your plants will not only survive, but thrive! Holy Cow! Survive and Thrive is a blend of fine soil conditioner, mushroom compost, worm castings, leaf compost and a little sand. This soil is alive and loaded with beneficial...
  • Holy Cow! Landscape Mix

    Holy Cow! Landscape Mix

    Great landscapes begin with great soil! Holy Cow Landscape mix is alive with beneficial microbes that stimulate root growth and assist in the uptake of the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy plants. Our Landscape mix is a powerhouse blend of...
  • Holy Cow! Garden Mix

    Holy Cow! Garden Mix

    Holy Cow! Garden Mix is alive with beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that stimulate root growth and assist in uptake of essential nutrients. Our Garden Mix is an organic blend of nutrient-rich, high-grade loamy topsoil, worm castings,...
  • Holy Cow! Topsoil

    Holy Cow! Topsoil

    A year-round, lush, green lawn requires healthy soil as its base. Holy Cow! Topsoil provides the growing media to support the needs of turf grass. This is an organic blend of high grade loamy topsoil, nutrient rich mushroom compost, leaf compost, soil...
  • Processed Topsoil

    Processed Topsoil

    Our processed topsoil is a hight grade loamy topsoil that has been screened. All of our topsoil comes from rich, fertile farmland. We don't guess…..WE TEST our topsoil to ensure it meets the high standards that we place on all of our soils. Soil...